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A Conversation with Harvey Ovshinsky and Peter Werbe

Hosted by Book Beat, Oak Park, Mich.

Cary Loren, moderator March 16, 2021


Radical Memories of Two Generations

by Paul Buhl, Against the Current,  Sept/Oct 2022

Royal Oak author's debut novel set in 1967 Detroit

By Ray Walsh,  Lansing State Journal,  Nov. 26, 2022

Reviews for Eat the Rich

Summer on Fire: In 1967, it was the Summer of Love in San Francisco. In Detroit, it was a Summer on Fire.
Summer 2021 Fifth Estate

Anarchy Radio, hosted by John Zerzan
KWVA, Euegene, Ore. March 16, 2021
Interview starts at 3:30 into the show.

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