Summer on Fire:
      A Detroit Novel
       by Peter Werbe

The temperature is scorching in Detroit during the summer of 1967 and so is everything happening in this fictionalized memoir by a staff member of the long-running Fifth Estate magazine.

The characters are thrust into tumultuous episodes of the 1967 Detroit Rebellion, anti-war demonstrations, fighting fascists, rock and roll at the Grande Ballroom, drugs, anarchism, the White Panther Party, Wilhelm Reich, and a bomb plot that provide “a people’s history and radical folklore of Detroit.” The setting is seven weeks in a critical year that demands ethical choices by all involved, ones which mirror today’s crises. 

“A refreshing read about Detroit in the 1960s. The story is good and the telling is superb.”        

        –John Sinclair, author, poet, MC5 manager


"Peter Werbe brings a journalist's keen eye and a revolutionary's spirit to this novel about war, retribution, and revolution. He never lets us forget that freedom is forged through friendship and solidarity. Informative and entertaining, Summer on Fire burns bright."
—Cara Hoffman, award-winning author of Running and So Much Pretty

“Summer on Fire’s story of a short time in the lives of a few friends intersperses real events and places with more than a little fabrication in the best tradition of yarn-spinning, capturing the essence of the whirlwind 1960's.”
  —Marius Mason, anarchist, environmental & animal rights activist, serving 22 years in  prison for defense of the planet

“Despite the surreal and gonzo events at its center, Peter Werbe's novel is down to earth and close to the street. It's appealing vignettes intertwine a people’s history and radical folklore of Detroit, including hilariously over-the-top encounters. A radical political novel that makes you laugh? Now, that's revolutionary.”
—Michael Jackman, former senior editor, Detroit Metro Times